Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Dinghy Cruise to Cumberland Island

Pictures and a few notes can be found here, but follow this link for the account published in the Bagpipe:

Trailers at St. Marys

Barge at St Marys

St. Marys harbour

Park and Pier at St. Marys

St. Marys Harbour

St. Marys Storm

St. Marys storm…we are starting to worry about cruising and getting caught in a storm like this!

Alyssa and Eleanor posing with the Trevor the trapped Turtle….we released him in the River a few moments later.

About to depart Crooked River State Park with the falling tide. Mo and Bill in Murphy’s Law, Richard and Alyssa in Free Range Chickin and Dale, Elliot and Eleanor in Dare.

Wayfarers on Crooked River.

Eleanor on board Dare.

The Thistle loves a breeze and is starting to move well.

Alyssa at the helm, moving nicely

Richard and Alyssa

Dale, Elliot and Eleanor cruising down Crooked River

Thistle and Richard's Wayfarer

The wind pipes up a little as we make our way to Cumberland

On razor oyster beach, just before the disaster where Eleanor had her shoes ripped off and feet cut.

We moved Dare and Free Range Chicken onto the floating dock to avoid the oysters and fast rising tide. We did not have permission but hoped the owners would understand.

Plumtree Orchard

Plumtree Orchard…..largetrees

Horse behind tent

The wardrobe tree

Elliot Rulz…..Cumberland Island!

Eleanor after tangling with the oysters…..

Elliot gets a wet hug from Dad….

Horse and foal.

Horse and Foal, walking the dunes.

Behind the dunes near the beach.

Trail…dodging horse poop is a routine challenge.

Cumberland foliage…..sub-tropical forest that is very unique.

Trail on Cumberland…..perhaps Duck Pond Lane.

Alligator pond on the Island

Making Camp

Camping at Yankee Paradise on Cumberland

Beached on sandbar on Crooked river, resting after a hard slog paddling against the current

Thistle interior with dry bags for camping gear